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The poltical system of the USA is facing major issues of which the average citizen is unaware. The power to fix these issues lies solely in the hands of the public.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fix the System

The System is broken. We live in what has the potential to be the greatest civilization ever created - a civilization "of the people, by the people, for the people" - but are instead having our country stolen out from beneath our feet. The big businesses that pay for the campaigns of most of our politicians are doing their best to exert as much influence as they can without disturbing the waters. If the average citizen knew what the average Fortune 500 company was doing to them, there would be an revolt. It is only the morals of the politicians that keep them in check. What a scary thought!

I am starting this blog as my part in attempting to fix the political system of the USA. I believe that we can realize the potential of our country, and again become a world leader in things that really matter, such as the promotion of peace, humanitarian aid, and cultural diversity.

Unfortunately, most politicians are unable to do much to fix the system, as they are so deeply entrenched in it themselves. The president himself has some power to do this because of his leadership role, but the recent presidents we have had have been uninterested in significant change. We would need a much different kind of president. More Democratic or more Republican is not going to make a difference. We need a "Radical Moderate" president.

What is a Radical Moderate? Well, consider the main political issues that come up in a basic election: taxes, health care, education, national security, abortion rights, etc. Most of these are fairly polarizing issues that allow a candidate to take a side and criticize the other. A Moderate takes the position that we're doing fairly well on these issues where we are. A Radical wants to change things drastically. So, a Radical Moderate uses the compromised midpoint as a goal, and is willing to propose major changes to get there.

For instance, it is commonly agreed that the electoral system is not as democratic as we would like it to be. Percieved problems with it include the Electoral College, campaign financing, voter registration, fraud, outdated systems, etc. While many politicians sit on their hands thinking about these issues or arguing about the smallest change that is acceptable, a Radical Moderate proposal would be to abolish the Electoral College, severely limit (if not outlawed entirely) contributions from businesses, mandate donation of airtime to election coverage on major networks, and finance major voter registration drives.

Most politicians are more concerned with keeping their job than they are with making a difference. While this is understandable for many jobs, it is not what a Public Servant should be. Politics is not a field for job security. Change is good. Especially where politicians are concerned.

Anyway, as you can see, I have a lot to say (a lot of explaining to do?). Hence the blog. Please feel free to comment. I will remove unrelated (unless they're funny) and vulgar comments, but will leave all contrary opinions. My goal is to pursuade people to communicate with each other and their elected leaders. True democracy requires acknowledging all sides of an issue.


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