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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Post on PBS's Net Neutrality page

PBS Blog:

My entire post:

Net Neutrality is a hard problem to solve. Really hard. Really, really hard. Politicians have little hope of even understanding the solution, let alone coming up with it. So, if it is such a hard problem, who can find a solution?

Well, it depends on what kind of solution you are looking for. Any solution by a company is going to be a solution to making as much money on the internet as possible. Talk of "free market pressures" and the like are just ways of making capatalism sound democratic.

We need a solution to the problem of how to provide an important (if not the MOST important) medium of communication to both providers and consumers of all sizes and incomes in an efficient and economically sound fashion. The only organizations in a position to be able to do this are non-profit organiztions with significant expertise in Internet technology. Organizations like W3C and IETF should form the core of a working group. A select few representatives from the business side and from orgs like and EFF should also be included to advocate for their interests.

The document such a group produces should be accepted by congress and the president without alteration of any kind. Because, frankly, they think the Internet is made of pipes.


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